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The Youth Group continues to meet in the Education Wing on Wednesday evenings beginning at 7 pm. Students may be picked up between 8-8:30. 
April 17: Lesson Chaperone: Becca Sperger 
April 18: 6:00 p.m. Help Missions prepare lunches to be served on April 19th at the Community Table
April 24: Lesson Chaperone: Deb Sauer
May 1: Prayer Stations Chaperone: Missy Brown
May 8: Lesson Chaperone: Deb Sauer
May 15: Lesson Chaperone: Brianna Westhuis
May 22: Lesson Chaperone: Tiffany Bohnert
May 29: Last day of Youth Group Chaperone: Tiffany Bohnert
Diann Thomas
Union-Congregational Church
Youth Group Leader